Custom Plastic Molding

  • Blow molding

    PROCESS : Similar to injection molding except hot liquid plastic comes out of the barrel vertically….

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  • Compression Molding

    PROCESS : This was the first plastic processing method to gain large scale commercial usage. In it…

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  • Injection Molding

    PROCESS : This is perhaps the most widely used of all plastic processing methods. The…

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  • Profile Extrusion

    PROCESS : This is like injection molding, except there is no mold. Molten plastic is forced or extruded …

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  • Rotational molding

    PROCESS :Hollow molds filled with powdered plastic are secured to pipe-like spokes which extend from a central…

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  • Thermoforming

    PROCESS : Sheets of pre-extruded rigid plastic are heated horizontally and sucked down…

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About Us

Read More Matrix Plastics is a family owned sales agency representing custom plastic molding and extrusion companies. We have been in business since 1986.

Our agency has a strong commitment to excellence; all employees are family members. We provide prompt, thorough customer service. Our technical expertise is complemented by the depth of our sales experience. We pride ourselves on superior communication, problem solving and careful attention to detail.

Matrix Plastics seeks to develop relationships with principals and customers as partners, integrating technical expertise, excellent service, ethical decision making and mutual profitability.

Diverse OEM Markets

Aerospace Hoppers Outdoor Architectural
Appliances Housewares Outdoor Furniture
Automotive Housings Playground
Child Safety Industrial Cleaning P.O.P. Displays
Drainage Products Industrial Conveyor Power Tools
Electrical Lawn & Garden Raptor Protection
Energy Lift Truck Signage
Environmental Lighting Storm Water
Grips Marine Toys
Hazardous Waste Medical Devices Youth Products